According to Chinese government regulations, visas are required for most countries to enter China except Agreements on Mutual Visa Exemption Between the People’s Republic of China and Foreign Countries. Please review the Chinese Visa Application Service Center website ( or contact the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your city or country directly to obtain the details of visa procedures, timelines, communities served, required documentation, and fees. Visa processing is unpredictable and might take some time (1-2 months are needed in general), please make arrangements in advance.

If you need invitation letter for your visa application, please register for the conference and provide the required information in the attached form and email your request and form to the with the subject of support letter requirement.

Invitation letters are answered in the order the requests are received. You will receive a PDF letter by email within 5 business days. Please print out your PDF invitation letter and take it with you to your visa appointment. The original letter is mailed only upon an explicit request.

Please note that Invitation letters should only be issued to Speakers/Presenters and Committee members who have paid the required registration fee in full.