Registration  Fees

Registration Type Before June 30, 2017 After June 30, 2017 CD-ROM Banquet Ticket
IEEE Member RMB 3500 RMB 4200 included included
Nonmember RMB 4000 RMB 4200 included included
IEEE Student Member RMB 3200 RMB 4200 included included
Student Nonmember RMB 3500 RMB 4200 included included

Miscellaneous Fees

Extra Page Charge

      RMB700 ( US$150 or JP¥15000 or Euro€100 )

Extra Paper Charge

      RMB2800 ( US$480 or JP¥50000 or Euro€400 )

Extra CD-ROM

      RMB300 ( US$50 or JP¥6000 or Euro€50 )

Hard Copy of Proceeding

      RMB1000 ( US$200 or JP¥20000 or Euro€150 )

Extra Banquet Ticket

      RMB300 ( US$50 or JP¥6000 or Euro€50 )

Payment Methods

1.Wire Transfer




USD Account

Account holder:Anhui Langtong PR Consultancy Limited

Account number:34050147860800001017


2.Paypal Transfer

Registration Fees (June 01 to 30)

Registration Fees (July 01 to 30)

Extra Fees

Description of other fees

1. If the non-student author published two or more articles, every two articles need to pay 4000 +2800 yuan (or 3500+2800 yuan IEEE member ) and only one author is allowed to participant in the conference;
2. If the student author published two or more articles, each article needs to pay the same fee of 3500 yuan (nonmember)or 3200 yuan (IEEE student member);
3. If the paper exceeds 6 pages, the increased pages need to pay an extra fees by 700 yuan/page, and the paper is no more than 8 pages;
4. Extra purchase the CD of papers collection: 300 yuan/page;
5. Extra purchase lunch coupons, dinner coupon: 300 yuan/page.


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