Conference Awards

ICARM 2023 presents the following awards to honor researchers with outstanding contributions within the scopes of the conference.

  • Best Conference Paper Award
  • Toshio Fukuda Best Paper Award in Mechatronics
  • Best Paper Award in Advanced Robotics
  • Best Student Paper Award
  • Best Paper Award on Neuro-robotics Systems

Nomination for the ICARM Awards

Authors can declare their intention for the best paper awards when they submit their papers. Members of the Award Committee and the Program Committee of ICARM 2023 can also nominate papers as candidates for the best paper awards. To avoid conflict of interest, papers authored/co-authored by the members of Awards Committee, General chair/co-chair and program chair/co-chair of ICARM 2023 are excluded from consideration for any best paper awards.

Selection of the Best Papers

Selection of the best papers is based on the papers’ technical innovation, originality and potential impact on the field, clarity of written paper and quality of the oral presentation. Each award will be given to at most one paper, and each paper will receive at most one of the above awards. The selection process will include four phases:
(1) Preliminary selection to form a pool of candidate papers
(2) Finalist selection to obtain a short list of candidate papers for evaluation of their presentations
(3) Evaluation of oral presentations
(4) Final evaluation directed by Awards Committee and Program Committee of icarm2023

Presentation of the Awards

All awards will be presented at the ICARM 2023 banquet.